Warm greetings everyone! I'm Gabriella Franseska Dian Ratri but you can call me Chicha for short. This is the first entry in this blog. For the start, I'll just write about myself and some things I'm interesting in. Well, this is not my first blog, actually. I had another blog before but I'm so busy with college stuff and others, so the blog(s) went off and on for such period of time before I decided to knock it off.

This blog is my little journal. I’m a diary-person, who used to always hand-write my feelings and record my experiences on the diary's pages like every night or more. I have lots of interest in life, tend to be so greedy sometimes because I want to learn everything. In this blog, I prefer to write about how I'm interesting in doing creative works: drawing, crafting, making scrapbook, designing, something like that. I also write about my daily activities, personal life, place I visited or I want to visit, backpacking diary, and else. That's what I want this to be: my representation, and inspiration to others. So.. thanks for coming and I hope we'll see again in my next post.

Have a great day! :)