07 September 2010

Love Comes and Go

Seven days pass, and I’m surprisingly over my school. I’ve had a few leads already, and though my heart longs to follow up on it, I nix the idea as a pathetic attempt to escape rather create my new life. Normally, I just forget about it, but with Koala’s creepy appearance, I ecounter vivid red confusions everywhere. Must I remind myself that this is my life, not a romantic lead’s on the silver screen? 

Oh, by the way, I am a broken-hearted girl. The man I love is in a relationship with other girl. After all the things we’ve been through.. after all the midnight chats.. after all the silly things I’ve done.. after all the loving actions.. after all damn things.. aaah, I should say that this is the ending of our story. Oh shiiiiiiit!!! Sorry, but I can’t help it. But my friends (Depoy, Om Ublux, Dewi, Mba Dewi, Dyah, Ivan, Yayuk, Simbok,Rinso,  ah it’s too much. I can’t mention them all) help me face this situation. They support me. They made me believe what it’s not the end of the world. It’s not over yet. The sun’s still bright. The rainbow’s still come out. 

And the world still waits. And so do I. There’s single for a season, and single for a reason. Romo Joyo used to say that and laugh like staccato Spongebob. I remember thinking it was hilarious until the day I turned eighteen. Then my thoughts turned much darker, like hey, maybe I am single for a reason. That’s a depressing day, when you realize Prince Charming isn’t riding in on a white horse, and Justin Bieber is starting to sound awfully handsome on the radio. LOL 

I keep waiting to wake up from one of my fantasies. Now he feels free to tell me what he feels – now that he’s turning and walking away from me, now that his heart’s moving to another heart. But does it really mean anything? I can’t make him stay with me here, and I wouldn’t want to. Life is a series of choices. I’ve made mine. He’s made his. 

For better or worse, they don’t coincide.