19 April 2013

Mom's 51st Birthday

Several days ago, my mom had her birthday. April 5th, 2013, she celebrated her 51st birthday. There’s nothing inside my head but realizing that my mom is old now. 51 is a big number. I had no idea what to give, because I think, it’s getting boring to collect greetings from her friends (not to mention how exhausting it will be, period), I thought I would just make one present which is 1) not expensive, and 2) special.

So I scroll down the web, looking for ideas, and I found one exploding box with lovely pictures, plus an owl phone case made from felt. She's an owl big fan, btw. It was simple yet beautiful, and the meaning behind the  box was also sweet. She showed the steps and I was amazed how easy it was to make one. My artsy brain is starting to work and I decided to make the exact same one.

It took me almost one day to finish the box and the felt case. It wasn't that hard actually, but my shaky hands and my easily-tired eyes are very poor indeed. But thank God, I finished the gift before 00.00 and it looked so pretty even I feel so proud of that craft :D

That was very exhausting to me. But anyway I'd do anything to make a special present for people I love :). I had fun making the present and thankfully, my mom loved it! It was a hard work that paid off with her beautiful smile in her 51st birthday.

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you :D