05 May 2013


It's May! Gosh, time really flies so fast. I'm not ready yet to welcome this new month. The last two weeks have literally been filled with enormous excitement and pressure. So many tasks and I have just been totally distracted by college stuff and the final project, which is good yet tiring and need full concentration. It successfully gave me a massive headache and I got stressed out sometimes. The paper was not going well. I got stuck on the few part, didn't know what to do, and it felt like I want to scream out loud like 'AAARRRGGHHH WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOO'. Skripsi really made me crazy.

But I finally made a decision to change the subject, which is easier and more interesting. Thank God I finally found a way.

This month I have a big project with boyfie. He started to make his own business in clothing industry. And I helped him a little. We also planned to make a culinary blog. So exciting, but also quite nerve wracking. He's working so hard on this and I hope he'll made it. I know God will bless him and his new project.

Last April was a very hard month for me, I guess. But we all have our ways of solving problem, to stand again after falling and learn from it. Another thing? Your life will be changed, once again.