07 September 2011

Eight Things You Should Know About Me

I'm about to tell you several facts about myself. This is fun because I don't normally tell people about all these things, but I was so excited when I thought about writing this post for everyone. So here they are, some facts you need to know about... 

My Identities

 I'm half Indonesian (Javanese), quarter Chinese, and quarter Dutch. I don't really look like my parent, and people can't tell whether I'm more Javanese or Chinese or Dutch - I don't have strong ethnical characteristics. And it makes me feel quite awkward sometimes (but I get used to it). 

My Biggest Fear

I'm afraid of snake. Running away from them everytime and get panic easily when there are lots of snake showing on television or books. Even if I think of them. It’s like a phobia, yeah. But, snakes are dangerous, are they?

My Daily Writings 

I regularly write my daily journals. Sometimes when I forgot to bring any notebooks, I wrote down the words in any papers I could find - abandoned newspaper, the back part of  posters... anything. I have a special book contains of my writings about the conversation between coffee and tea (in a series of letters) - mainly talks about life and the philosophies. I was planning to make a regular post from the series but never sure whether it's necessary or not to share them.

My Playlist 


Many of you may got surprised if you get to know my playlist. 'You? A song like this? I don't believe it', that's what they say. Mom called them the "noisy, boy-thing groups" and my dad said I don't suit their groupies styles. Well, besides jazz and britpop, I enjoy their songs and always put them on my playlist... Hey, what's wrong with that? I may dress girly and trendy, but it doesn't mean that I can't enjoy this kind of music genre.  

My Personal Style

I will feel beautiful, or most beautiful, when I’m comfortable with my outfits and still able to do anything I like – and just being my own self, my whole self without any pretending. For me, beauty needs honesty, so I’m always trying not to be fake. And I believe it works! The first thing in my mind everytime I open my closet is that I should feel comfy enough with anything I wear – then automatically the sense of beauty will come along. I think my favorite outfit so far are dress, flats, and wedges. They’re just like my to-go items. I prefer to be simple and often need to be dressed up quickly (since I always in hurry – miss clumsy clumsy), so dresses and flats are my favorite one. They’re light and easy to wear, not hard to be paired with, and allow me to move freely (and yes, the flats help a lot for such hyperactive manner).

 My Current Obsession

Fashion journalism is like a dream to me, since I was child. It includes fashion writers, fashion critics or fashion reporters. The most obvious examples of fashion journalism are the fashion features in magazines and newspapers, but the term also includes books about fashion, fashion related reports on television as well as online fashion magazines, websites and blogs. 

The work of a fashion journalist can be quite varied. Typical work includes writing or editing articles, or helping to formulate and style a fashion shoot. A fashion journalist typically spends a lot of time researching and/or conducting interviews and it is essential that he or she has good contacts with people in the fashion industry, including photographers, designers, and public relations specialists. See, that’s a dream for me. How about you?

I am a lunatic dreamer

If you could experience being  anything in the world for a day, I will be a fairy – wearing my white luminous tube dress with blue, pink, yellow and green pastel shades all over my body and luster-y transparent wings on my backbone. I could fly anywhere – and choose whether I want to be seen or keep invisible from the human beings and other creatures. I wake up in the morning from my soft ovary bed in my sunflower house, bring my loony colorful bucket and spread the magical stardust over the flower and plants – it is the powerful spirit and energy that was abstracted from the universe that will keep them alive. I will sing along by the noon with the other fairies in the heart of our thick, humid forest, accompanied by the mighty unicorns and mermaids by the side of their illuminated crystal pond. In the evening I will fly away to greet other magical creatures - from the kind witches and their black cats to the wise old trees in the southern land. I probably will blow the happiness wind for any deserved humans that I meet on the way, to make sure that they will have a beautiful day. And last, after having a enormous dinner with all the fairy village members, I would fly alone again to kiss the grasses who has enliven the party with their wonderful whisperer choirs and hugs the animals who always welcoming the fairies to sleep in their land-pit to get some warmth when the frosty night coming. Everyone will say a sweet farewell for me, and I will go back to my fluffy bed... to be vanished as the sprinkles of rain and incarnated as a mediocre human again.

I love Batik, especially the classic one

Well, being brought to the international runway make the pattern application is a bit and lot different from the basic or genuine one (that originally made by hands - it's a wax-resistant dyeing technique used to create the pattern... but due to the modern advances of textile industry, we also have 'printed-batik' made by the fabric machines, like those on the picture above, I believe)... If I should choose, I like the handmade cloth better since it has the old, classic and more traditional sense. But still a good news to hear! Even these kind of outfit on the photos are not vintage, not so my-signature-style taste, and I wouldn't be dare enough to wear such colors, but these are another side of beauty. And it brought my national heritage to the world! <3